Class Descriptions


hot Flow

This class is designed to help you learn proper alignment and breath control. It is a whole body strengthening practice that includes sun salutations, standing postures, simple arm balances, core strengthening, backbends, hip openers, and basic inversions. All levels welcome. 

power hot Flow

Power Hot Flow is designed for students that are familiar with basic to intermediate yoga postures. Poses may be held longer while the classes explore more intermediate to advanced poses. This class will incorporate creative and challenging sequences and variations.

Hot flow and Power hot flow(Hip Hop music)

Our flow classes with hip hop music playlists. Students who know it's all about that bass, this is for you.

core flow

This class blends the precision of pilates with the flow and extension of yoga. Core flow has a strong emphasis on strength and stability using the core muscles. A strong core is one of the golden tickets to alleviating pain and preventing injuries. All levels welcome. 

Back to Basics Flow

Back to Basics is an all levels class geared towards learning alignment and proper transitions of a hot flow.  This class will introduce and reinforce the top 15-20 poses in a hot flow. Alignment is the key to injury prevention and pain management. Remember yoga is a lifelong practice, it should heal your body, not harm your body. Keep an eye on the schedule for our Back to Basics Workshops for a more in depth series. (Warm temperature)

strength & balance

Why settle with only being mobile? Strength & Balance (formally Fit Flow) is designed to help you gain the strength and stability your body needs to enhance your yoga practice and overall performance. Our 45 and 60 minute classes are centered around increasing functional strength, correcting muscular imbalances and posture, and improving balance.  All levels welcome.

Class includes optional resistance bands and kettle bells, and is held in a non-heated room. (Warm temperature)

Abs & Balance

This class is the twin sibling and perfect compliment to Strength & Balance. Abs & Balance shares a similar format but with more of focus to your abdominals and core. Expect mat work and drills to help you feel stronger through your pillar  on and off of your yoga mat. 

Class includes optional resistance bands and kettle bells, and is held in a non-heated room. (Warm temperature)

Flow to Fly

This class is for arm balance and inversion junkies of all levels. No matter your experience, come ready to practice drills and progressions throughout your flow. (Warm temperature)

Slow Flow

Slow flow is designed to simultaneously build strength and fluidity by moving deeper into the muscles.  Come ready to hold poses a little longer and breath a little deeper. By slowing down the practice, this allows for more time to focus on proper alignment of each pose.

 All levels welcome.


This 90-minute Saturday wind down class will lead you through a creative flow focused on opening, strengthening, and developing a slow burn that builds throughout the practice. 

Emphasis will be placed on introspection, breath, and creative movement, and more time will be spent holding postures and discovering the various nuances of the yoga practice. The playlist will be unique and varying to support the creative nature of the practice.

Come check out Slow Burn the last Saturday of every month. And we'll have pizza by donation for students after. 

Stretch N Roll™

Stretch N Roll is specifically designed to guide you through the most effective tissue quality methods to foam roll (mobilize) and stretch (lengthen). Rolling is similar to massage therapy, utilizing the balls and rollers to release and break up fascia and knotty muscles.  If you are tight, this class is for you! With the combination of heat, rolling and stretching, you are bound to leave feeling more mobile and open. We'll provide all you need, you just show up and be ready to roll...literally! Stretch N Roll is offered on Sundays at 5:15. Stretch N Roll with the option for Dry Needling is held the last Sunday of every month. $18 Drop in rate (not included with membership).