110 Yoga guidelines & Preparation

1. Drink plenty of water 1-2 hours before class. Staying hydrated is extremely important. 

2. Eat light before class.

3. When entering the studio please be mindful of the level of your voice. 

4. Please take your shoes off before entering the hot room.

5. 110 is not responsible for ANY lost items left at the studio. We have a lost and found bin that will be donated to a local charity the first of every month. 

6. Please be considerate of others and wear deodorant before class. 

7. Please leave all mats on the floor after class. The teacher will clean and hang to dry.

8. When finished with your yogitoes/bath towels please place in upstairs lobby towel chute.

9. Please refrain from talking in savasana or at the end of class.

10. If you are practicing in the front row, please do not kick into the mirrors during inversions.