Jeff Vajay, PT

Sports Orthopedic Physiotherapist


Jeff is currently providing physiotherapy, maintenance and sports performance at Studio Revolution.  Prior to that, he spent the last 10 years helping start and supervise physical therapy clinics at Impact Orthopaedics and Raleigh Orthopedics’ Athletic Performance Center.  He was also co-owner of Athletic Focus, a local sports performance training facility that focused on youth athletic development and spent time as a sports performance coach at Velocity Sports Performance.    

Jeff has been treating sports related injuries and helping athlete reach their maximum potential for the past 16 years.  In addition to his work at Studio Revolution he has spent 4 years as a sports medicine therapist for the United States Tennis Association Men’s Professional Circuit and currently is traveling internationally as a Physiotherapist with the ATP World Tour. He has worked with athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, ATP, WTA, MLB and US Olympic Track and Field as well as many various college athletes. 

Jeff has trained extensively with Kinetacore and The American Academy of Manipulative Therapy in Dry Needling and Manipulation and has been certified to treat in North Carolina since 2012.  He has also spent time training under some of the top international orthopedic physicians and physiotherapists learning osteopathic and soft tissue mobilization treatments to treat common sports related injuries.  He looks forward to providing a functional approach to your rehabilitation, treating the source of your problem.