Mike Vita, PT




Michael began his 17 year career in outpatient orthopedics as a small clinic manager and advanced in the management of multiple outpatient clinics in North Carolina. After several years of advanced education in the field of electroneuromyography he worked as a part owner of a company specializing in diagnostics of nerve and muscle physiology and pathophysiology.

He has taken a high level of interest in the natural asymmetrical nature of the human musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. Identification of these asymmetries, predominance of abnormal movement patterns, and the effect of these challenges on human movement and performance are at the core of his evaluation and treatment approach.

Michael likes to bring this approach to working with all types of patients and enjoys bringing these philosophies to rotational athletes, as well as, anyone who would like to learn more about human gait and optimal performance. He takes special interest in the game of golf on a professional and personal level. Evaluation of swing mechanics and its relationship with the athlete’s ability to accomplish optimal and pain free performance. When he is not in the clinic he enjoys spending time with his wife and 9 year old daughter.