Beth Nencetti




Beth began her yoga journey over 15 years ago.  She started with an at home Hatha practice and quickly broadened to include Ashtanga, Bikram, and Vinyasa practices.  She realized yoga was a perfect balance to her typical workout routines of boot camps, weight training and ballroom dancing.  She continues to work on her flexibility trying to strike a balance with her strength.  As her practice evolved, Beth soon realized the spiritual and mental grounding that her yoga practice provided.  For Beth, practicing the breath work involved in yoga has had the most positive impact on her both physically and emotionally. It has provided mental clarity and calmness that she strove for in her youth.

Teaching has always been a passion and a significant part of her adult life.  She is a former high school math teacher and current corporate trainer, so becoming a yoga teacher was inevitable for Beth. For the past year, she has been working on her Yin and Restorative practice.  After a hip injury, Beth realized that caring for her joints and connective tissue in her Yin practice is just as important as her muscles and movements in her Vinyasa practice. She has started teaching a Recovery yoga practice that incorporates the Yin yoga tenants with bits of Yang flow to help others with similar physical challenges. 

Beth has been married to her soul mate for 23 years.  She enjoys traveling and experiencing new adventures.  Beth and her husband have recently taken up sailing and plan on retiring on their sailboat in the Caribbean in a few years.  She hopes to be able to share her yoga practice with the sailing community when they finally retire.