Ryan Mintz




I am a movement and mobility specialist with a passion for gymnastics and Cirque inspired fitness. I have spent the last 16 years of my life coaching gymnastics at the optional and elite level all over the country and have been blessed to coach alongside 5 other Olympic and national team coaches from Australia, Germany, here in the US, and Armenia. After gymnastics I trained with Cirque Du Soleil for a few years doing anything from Duo Silks, cordelisse, and aerial straps, to Chinese pole, hand balancing and partner acrobatics.

After several injuries (broken back, torn bicep, wrecked ankle) I began exploring mobility to improve the control I have over my joints, eliminate pain, and generally move better. This lead me to create the MintzFlow Method of movement, which treats mobility like strength training and helps people move their bodies through space with grace, ease, and skill. And do cool tricks too!