Strength, Stability,
and Respect

Introducing 110 Yoga’s Alignment-Based Core Strength Training lead by Cristina Max (E-RYT), supported by Rachael Roykovich RYT, Mike Vita PT, and Jeff Vajay, PT.

This three-month Training Program offers a fresh take on typical teacher training courses through a comprehensive understanding of yoga as it relates to the way people live and move today. With a variety of pricing options, participants can work toward a full 200-Hour RYT certification or complete individual sessions for credit toward continuing education (CEU's).

Understand the stigma of stereotypical yoga and get down to the concrete reasons why an alignment-based, core-focused practice is valuable to the longevity of your health. Our Training Program includes a one-on-one movement assessment with Mike Vita PT or Jeff Vajay PT, in-depth lectures and practicum on anatomy and biomechanics of quality movement, plus an introduction to typical compensation patterns and how they can be corrected.

Be prepared to dive deep into your body and mind, and how these two relationships can empower your quality of life. Our program is inspired by yoga but evolved for the modern day mover. We invite anyone - not just aspiring yoga teachers - who desires a more active role in managing their physical health to join us.

*Full Yoga Teacher Training Pricing $2800

*Pricing option for 50 CEU’s hours $900 *20% off all certified instructors in the fitness industry

*For students not interested in teaching yoga, only education for personal practice $900

Included in tuition*:

  • RYT 200 Core Strength Yoga Certification (Yoga Alliance Certified)

  • 12 class package to 110 Yoga

  • All scheduled classes during training weekends

  • One on one movement assessment with PT

*Upon completion of training and tuition payment in full

Not included in tuition**:

  • Required reading

**Please contact lead teacher Cristina Max for required reading list once registered.


3 MONTH program


Friday 5:30 pm. - 9:00 p.m. (110 Yoga)

Saturday 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. (110 Yoga)

Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Hours may vary.

The lecture hours will not be held in a hot room.

Full schedule:



2/22 - 2/24

3/8 - 3/10

3/15 - 3/17

3/22 - 3/24

3/31 Sunday Only (Easter Make-up)

4/5 - 4/7

4/12 - 4/14

4/19 - 4/20 Easter Off

May 25 (Graduation)

Payment Plan Options:

Paid Upfront

1 payment + deposit


$2,500 (Due Feb. 8th)



Payment 1:

Total paid:

Monthly plan

4 payments + deposit


Payment 1:

Payment 2:

Payment 3:

Payment 4:

Total paid:


$625 (Due Feb. 15th)

$625 (Due March 15th)

$625 (Due April 15th)

$625 (Due May 15th)


Bi-Monthly Plan

8 payments + deposit


Payment 1:

Payment 2:

Payment 3:

Payment 4:

Payment 5:

Payment 6:

Payment 7:

Payment 8:

Total paid:


$313 (Due Feb. 1st)

$313 (Due Feb. 15th)

$313 (Due March 1st)

$313 (Due March 15th)

$313 (Due April 1st)

$313 (Due April 15th)

$313 (Due May 1st)

$313 (Due May 15th)