ONE day Core Yoga Workshop

Immerse yourself with the knowledge & tools to bring out your best, physically & mentally 

We’ve always done things a bit differently at 110 Yoga. You may have heard us say “the way you move matters.” Your movement matters, especially in today’s society. Just like anything else in life, we must be able to adapt and grow to the current state we live in. Postural yoga began thousands of years ago!  Yoga poses have come a long way! We want to teach you more about your body and encourage ways to make this practice a healing one rather than one that could potentially harm you long-term!

You don’t have to become a teacher to dive deeper into your yoga practice, all you need is a desire to learn. We are offering a 1-day immersion workshop for any curious movers who want to explore 110 Yoga’s alignment-based core-focused approach to vinyasa or “flow” yoga. This course/workshop also meets the yoga alliance requirements for 6 CEU (Continuing Education) accredited hours for current registered yoga teachers.

The objective of this workshop is to help you connect with your body intimately and intentionally. We will explore commonly sequenced poses, transitions, and mis-alignments focusing on stability, ideal alignment, and core integration. You will be given options to create the ideal practice for you. (How refreshing is that?)

If you’ve ever felt unsure of what you’re doing in a yoga pose, or if there was a different or better way to move through your flow, our immersion workshop is a great place to start. We welcome anyone with questions and eagerness to integrate this quality movement practice into their daily lives.

This training is geared for everyone! We encourage curious movers, yoga students and potential teachers interested in learning the 110 brand.

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Weekend Itinerary

Saturday 11:45 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday 11:45 am - 2:00 pm

Immersion Workshop includes:

  • Vinyasa Basics Guidebook

  • 6 contact hours of lecture/practicum with Cristina Max, Rachael Roycovich, and Jon Paryz of Smart Athlete PT. 

  • Open discussion of yoga concepts and philosophy/Q+A with movement experts

  • Access to 110 Yoga Studio classes during immersion weekend

  • A 3 class pass to Beginner Friendly Flow, Sundays at 12pm (does not expire)

Cost $299